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How do We Make a Logo in Golden Ratio?

In logo designing, the golden ratio is used to provide a proportionate shape to the icon. There are two ways of doing so – either by using squares and rectangles, or by using circles.

Mostly, we use circles more often as logos are icons that require curves. Keeping the Fibonacci sequence in mind, here’s how we go about the process:

  • Taking every number as the length of a square, we draw them stuck to one another, forming rectangles.
  • Once we find the ideal rectangle frame, we create circles inside every square. They have the same diameter as the length.
  • Now, we come out with our logo design.
  • As we study the outline of the icon, we place various circles on them to get the right proportion and angle of every curve.
  • Once we’ve placed a circle on every side of the curve, we remove the unnecessary portions and provide color or gradient to the outline.
  • Hence, the logo is ready.

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